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The following is a brief overview of our work carried out:

We may not name several exclusive private objects for reasons of discretion.


1. Commercial buildings:


- Expo pavilions for Finland, Korea, Iceland and Turkey

- Porsche centre Hanover/Germany – rebuilding of social areas and garage

- Rebuilding of the Telefunken site/Germany

- Hanover Zoo/Germany – Jungle Palace and Sambesi Park

- Hanover Congress Centre HCC/Germany

- Exxon Mobil executive suite

- Phoenix pharmaceutical wholesale

- Hanover Volksbank executive suite/Germany

- Hanover Medical School MHH/Germany

- DVG Hanover/Germany

- Rebuilding job centre Hanover/Germany

- Underground station “Lister Meile” and “Marienstrasse” in Hanover/Germany

- Sparkassenakademie (savings bank academy) Magdeburg and Hanover/Germany

- Kaufhof Hamburg and Hanover/Germany

- Business building “Der Wandsbecker”

- Tritower – Redevelopment of toilet facilities

- Fashion house Diekmann in Peine/Germany

- Jaguar car dealer

- Porsche car dealer, showroom and garage

- Bentley car dealer, showroom


 2. Various hotels:


- Hotel „Fuschel“ Salzburg/Austria

- Hotel „Europe“ Irland

- Villa Vita Hotel & Residence, Rosenpark Marburg7Germany

- Radisson SAS Hotel, Berlin/Germany – DomAquaree

- Best Western Hotel Der Föhrenhof Hannover/Germany

- Queens Hotel Hannover/Germany

- Best Western Premier Parkhotel Kronsberg Hannover/Germany

- Copthorne Hotel Hannover/Germany

- Dorint Novotel Hotel Hannover/Germany

- Hotel Königshof Hannover/Germany


3. General Business activities:


- Rebuilding and renovation senior citizen centre “St.Nicolaistift” Neustadt a. Rbge./Germany

- New building of 17 apartments for elderly residents in Neustadt a. Rbge./Germany

- Rebuilding Reissdorf Brewery in Cologne/Germany

- GAG Real estate Cologne/Germany, 60 hotel rooms and large-scale catering

- Object extension of the day-care centre in Hanover-Laatzen/Germany

- Rebuilding of the community centre “St. Paulus” in Hanover-Langenhagen /Germany

- New building of 100 apartments in Sylt/Germany


 4. Private objects:


- Thatched house “Kampen” in Sylt/Germany

- Ricklingen palace/Germany

- Mansion in Cannes Cote d´Azur/France

- Different objects of prominent people, that do not want to be named

- Single family house new building /rebuilding

- House building


Private Yacht building:


Blohm and Voss:

- “Eclipse” 2011 Renovation of the pool area


HDW-Shipyard Kiel/Germany:

- “Octopus”


Lürssen Shipyard Bremen/Germany:

- “Air/Rainbow“

- “Linda Lou“

-  “EOS“

- “Rising Sun“

- “Al Salamar”

- “Sunflower”

- “Opal”

- “Dubai” – Project Platinum


Cruise ships:


(Pool areas, suites, royal suites, restaurants, bars, casinos, atrium)


Meyer-Shipyard Papenburg/Germany:

- “MS Mercury”

- “MS Super Star Leo”

- “MS Super Star Virgo”

- “MS Aurora, P & O Cruise”

- “Radiance of the Sea I and II”

- “Jewel of the Sea”

- “MS Norway”

- “Norwegian Jewel”

- “Norwegian Pearl”

- “AIDA Diva”

- “Norwegian Gem”

- “AIDA Bella”


Lloyd-Shipyard Bremerhaven/Germany:

- “Star Princess Carnival”

- “MS Norway”

- “Pride of America”

- “Luna”


- Aida cruise ships construction, Aker shipyard, Wismar/Germany

- Rebuilding Aida ”Cara” Neptun shipyard, Rostock/Germany

- Rebuilding of the Health in San Francisco/USA

- Rebuilding main- and kids pool in Hong Kong/China and Singapore

- Danube river boat – Deilmann shipping company

- Rebuilding “MS Europa” Hapag Lloyd

- Rebuilding and pool renovation “MS Deutschland”

- Rebuilding “Blue Ocean” Lloyd shipyard Bremerhaven/Germany