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Interior work

Interior work of Fliesen-Meyer – Quality and Responsibility

Fliesen-Meyer Hanover offers a wide selection of colours, patterns and textures to turn your wishes and ideas into reality by our well-trained staff. We are looking forward to advise you and to help you to make your ideas come true. Always a perfect solution for interior work and design – Fliesen-Meyer Hanover


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Screed floors:


Screed floor is laid without joints and is characterized by its high durability. It is easy to clean and offers a good sound absorption and thermal insulation.

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Design floors:


Design floors meet all design requirements and concepts, because they offer a huge selection of colours and patterns. Let yourself be inspired by the great diversity.

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Concrete floors:


Concrete floors are manufactured with special equipment and then polished or honed. The design possibilities in this context are very diverse and each floor is unique.