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Bathroom renovation

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Create a feel-good ambience in your bathroom

“Unwind from the stress of a day in a relaxing bath, in an individually decorated bathroom that is a perfect synthesis of functionality and feel-good ambience, is going to be a sensual pleasure.”


The goal of Fliesen-Meyer´s bathroom renovation is to meet your personal requirements and ideas. Completely regardless of whether it is a small or large bathroom, or whether it is affordable and exclusive desires. There are no limits to turn your personal taste and imagination of a bathroom into reality. We offer you a wide range of materials which makes it easy for you to plan, combine and fulfil yourself.


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The barrier-free bathroom is our preferred choice since decades, not just for a better usability in the later stage of life, but also because it is a visual highlight and a great benefit for the hygiene. If you are looking for an expert bathroom renovation in and around Hanover, Fliesen-Meyer is your professional and customer-oriented partner.